Resolve Your Debt with DRP – Debt Recovery Plus: A Complete Guide

Have Debt Recovery Plus been pulling into your garage for a fast debt settlement? If the answer is no and you received just a letter only recently, then you can wait some more and handle your debt issue with professional help.


DRP Debt Recovery Plus is an agency that follows up with the defaulters of its customer companies – to the point that it drags you to court. 

Even so, you should not panic and give in to the pressure, especially when you can write off most of the debt!

Today, we’re going to tell you more about Debt Recovery Plus, its course of action, and legal authority. We’ll also discuss the services we provide at IVA TV and how we can help solve your debt problem once and for all!

Let’s get right into it! 

What Is Debt Recovery Plus? 

Debt Recovery Plus is a debt collection agency registered in England. Their agents recover parking fines and County Court Judgements.

Basically, the company deploys its own staff to go after the defaulters and claim the money. Agencies like DRP have a number of field agents across the UK. They follow a set of rules for initiating the debt collection procedure. 

DRP Debt Recovery will look at your file where your contact number, address, and due payments are listed. The process usually starts with issuing a letter in your name from their registered office. It can soon advance to phone calls and house visits frequently.

Ever thought a parking charge notice could bring so much trouble? No?  Then you should jump to the section where we discuss what happens when you ignore calls from Debt Recovery Plus.

What Companies Does DRP Collect for? 

Debt Recovery Plus collects priority debts such as council tax debts and debts related to County Court Judgements. The average value of these debts is usually above the $750 mark. 

However, you’ll see DRP Debt Recovery mostly collecting parking fines for private parking operators. It’s a popular debt collection agency that almost exclusively collects money against parking charge notices. 

In the coming days, it won’t be uncommon for DRP to collect your credit card dues. After all, DRP Debt Recovery extends its debt recovery service to a broad client base. They’re also known to collect borrowed money on behalf of United Utilities, Virgin Media, Council Tax, and Court Orders. 

What Rights Does DRP Have? 

If you owe money to any of the client companies of Debt Recovery Plus, you’ll be hearing from DRP Debt Recovery sooner than you think. DRP is rigid in its ways of debt recovery. So, if you’ve missed parking charge notices from DRP more than one time, you can be sure of the fact that they will take a legal step against you. 

Debt Recovery Plus could apply for a County Court Judgement (CCJ), and the court, in turn, could force you to clear the dues. On top of that, the court action can definitely show up on your credit card files and affect your credit limit to some extent. 

When DRP chooses the hard way, which is to take you to court, you will receive a letter or an email regarding the issue and date. 

What DRP Debt Recovery Cannot Do?

Understanding the “dos and don’ts” is favorable in all types of proceedings. Not only can you state your rights upfront but also know the consequences of the actions of both parties. 

For example, if DRP forces entry into your home, you can report them to the police. The only way in which Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. can access your residential property is by appointing a bailiff. It’s a long haul, and chances are you’ll find a solution way before that even happens. 

DRP legally cannot issue arrest warrants, confiscate your property or put you in jail. In fact, their debt collection includes a CCJ and the assistance of a bailiff at max. The Debt Recovery Team cannot exercise the rights of a bailiff. 

What Can I Do About It? 

Collecting the parking fines in due time is difficult for parking operators, especially when the traffic offenders don’t comply. This is where Debt Recovery Plus comes in and starts chasing you.

We are not surprised. The UK, after all, had made almost half a billion pounds (£454.4M) revenue from parking charges, that too in the year of 2019 alone. The parking fee is currently £90 in the UK. If you pay the money in two weeks from the issue date, you’ll be offered a 50% discount.  

But if you avail our service, we can sort this out with the debt collectors on behalf of you. 

Appeal the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) 

As the registered owner of your vehicle, you can either pay or contest the parking fine that was issued to you.

Think that the parking fee was a mistake? In that case, you can dispute your parking charge notice online or by contacting the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit.

Debt Recovery Plus may contact you within this period if they don’t know your appeal.

You need to mention your appeal to DRP Debt Recovery should they have a CCJ in order. 

If the private parking operator company involved had already appointed DRP for debt collection, you will have to deal directly with the agency, and not the parking company. But why face debt collectors yourself when we can do it for you? 

Respond to Your First Debt Recovery Plus Letter the Right Way! 

In our career as IVA advisors, we have seen plenty of cases where our client is not even the one concerned with the court action letter issued in his name. So, if you don’t acknowledge the debt in your Debt Recovery Plus letter, do contact their office and demand legal proof. 

Debt Recovery Plus Ltd will inform you about your parking charge notice via a letter. If you let it go unaddressed, the debt collectors will opt for a phone call and then a CCJ.

First things first, the letter will contain your parking fee details and vehicle information. Double-check your car’s license number and the correct date and time of the issuance of the parking ticket. 

Debt Recovery Plus sends out their first letter as a simple notice. It’s a reminder to address your parking fee notices as soon as possible. 

If it’s inconvenient for you to pay the parking fine, you may take some time to gather the money. Our advice for you is to make sure DRP doesn’t mistake your delay as a gesture to not pay. In that case, DRP will move to the next solution. Yes, a house visit! 

What to Expect After Receiving a Letter from DRP? 

After you receive a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. and choose not to address it, you’re likely to receive another letter from them. Field agents of the Debt Recovery Plus company will also give you a call to discuss the money issue.  

However, things will get complicated if Debt Recovery Plus employs a bailiff for their debt collection. Bailiffs have the permission to confiscate belongings that would be of the same value as your debt. Debt Recovery Plus would not appoint a bailiff unless you ignore the County Court Judgement. 

Before things exacerbate regarding debt collection, we suggest consulting a debt management agency such as ours. At IVA Tv, we analyze, negotiate and lessen your debt payment so that you can get your finances right back on track! 

Could I Lose My House and Car? 

Just because you received a reminder letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. does not mean they are going to pack your car up and leave. It might not get to that even if you’re unable to clear the payment. There are debt charities, monthly installments, and debt settlement policies that can help you out. 

Navigating your available options is not as easy as it seems, especially when you’re not from a finance or law background. We are a team of financial advisors and IVA experts, and we know how to stall debt collection agencies and negotiate favorable installment plans for you! 

Moreover, it’s unlikely that a parking fee issue will cost you your car. If you’re wondering what’s the worst that could happen, you can think of a CCJ and a visit from the sheriff. But that’s it. 

What to Do When DRP Visits My Home?

There’s nothing much to do when Debt Recovery Plus finally visits you except for showing them the door. As we’ve already mentioned, Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. does not have the authority to break into your home and claim your debt payment. 

It’s also not going to be that iconic scene from Schitt’s Creek when the Rose family got all their stuff confiscated.

The best thing you can do when DRP Debt Recovery visits is to talk to them outside. If you have expensive items inside your home and Debt Recovery Plus indeed knows about them, it might get difficult for us to negotiate the payment in your favor.  

How Our Services Can Help You with Debt Recovery Plus?

We are an IVA advisor company, and we have several packages that exclusively deal with debt collectors. At IVA TV, we help you settle feasible payments with the debt collection agency involved.

If you’re someone with multiple parking fee notices, you must have had Debt Recovery Plus contact you several times. 

Our service can cut your net payable by a large amount. We have clients who were exempted from paying as much as 60% of their debt money with our help. Apart from resolving debts regarding parking penalties, we also offer debt management programs. 

So, if you happen to have outstanding debts from other sectors, we can help you write them off. We also had the pleasure to successfully decrease the levied interest rate on the debts of our clients. 


Checking your debt options has never been easier. Try our debt calculator by clicking “get started for free” now.

Get help with Debt Recovery Plus 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where do I contest a parking charge notice in the UK? 

If you feel that your parking charge notice has been wrongly issued, you can challenge it or appeal it to the Parking Enforcement Processing Unit. What it’s going to do is extend that 14-day discount period until the authority reviews the case.

Will issues with Debt Recovery Plus show on my credit file?

Ignoring letters and calls from DRP Debt Recovery won’t show up in your financial logs. However, neglecting a County Court Judgment regarding your parking charge notices may show up on your files.

Are Debt Recovery Plus bailiffs?  

Debt Recovery Plus is not entitled to the rights of bailiffs. They cannot come inside if you send them away from the door. However, they can appoint bailiffs who will handle the debt collection process by means of repossession. 

Bottom Line

If your debt from Debt Recovery Plus has spiralled out of control, you are welcome at IVA TV. Together, we’ll alleviate your debt situation and stop Debt Recovery Plus from chasing you.  

It’s always wise to deal with debt today so that you can get out of debt tomorrow! Let’s get a debt-free life off the ground, shall we?  


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