Debt with Stirling Park? – Do Not Pay Them Directly

Debt with Stirling Park

If your debt with Stirling Park is no longer affordable, you may be able to write them off.


Has Stirling Park recently been chasing you for debts which they demand are owed to them?

Well, don’t get worried just yet. 

There is a way out. You have to be patient and stay with us as we guide you through a diversion process on this website.

Millions of people are struggling with debt and are being chased aggressively by debt collectors. We know how daunting the experience is. 

But the truth is that no matter how much you are being chased, it’s not a good idea to pay out your debts through an agency like Stirling.

So, in this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take to stop Stirling Park in its tracks. By the end of this read, you will know how to get your money back in order and have those pesky Stirling Park LLP debt collectors back off.

Who Is Stirling Park?

Stirling Park is a debt collection company based in the United Kingdom. The full company name is Aberdeen Financial Limited. They are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to collect debts in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. They have a website for their operations too.

A short summary of their services is that they buy debts from other companies at a reduced rate and use their own staff to chase customers for the debt. They also employ field agents, who may visit your home to collect debts.

Stirling Park employs about 20 sheriff officers and 11 messenger-at-arms to carry out their debt collection services.

If a sheriff officer has contacted you, then it’s likely that they have contacted you to collect outstanding debts that you had with other companies.

So, if Stirling Park sounds unfamiliar to you, then this is why. They’re just doing a service on behalf of another entity. You’re correct in not being able to form a connection with them. So, in this case… what to do?

Find out below.

What Rights Does Stirling Park Have?

The simple answer is not many – to start with.

As debt collectors, Stirling Park has similar rights in business as the original creditor does.

They do not have the same rights as bailiffs. For example, debt collectors cannot enter your property (without your permission).

They can only do the following:

  • Send you letters
  • Call you
  • Send you emails
  • Text you
  • Visit your home

As such is the extent of their primary business, do not be surprised if you get an unlimited number of visits from them – they will basically try to catch you off guard at any time of the day. From the time of the first contact, you have to always be on alert mode until you sort out an arrangement. 

What to Do If Stirling Park Visits My Home?

It is not uncommon for debt collectors, like Stirling Park, to show up at your doorstep for debt collection services.

If they have, or if they have set an appointment to visit, then you should follow these steps:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked and shut
  • Please do not allow them access to the property (they are not permitted to push past you)
  • Contact us before they arrive

Should I Ignore My Stirling Park LLP Contacts?

Choosing to ignore Stirling Park is a bad idea. This is what most people do if they don’t want to pay immediately, but this sort of thing only makes matters worse. 

If you start ignoring your debt collector, they will use their authority to take enforcement action.

So, instead of ignoring them straight away, you need to look for ways to counteract them in their business.

What Should I Do After Being Contacted by Stirling Park?

The first thing you need to do is to verify the exact line of business for which you are being contacted by Stirling Park.

  • Ask how much money you owe them
  • Ask who the debt is addressed to
  • Ask for any evidence that backs up their claim of the owed money

The second thing to do is to verify the authenticity of the contact. Make sure that you check with the authority whether it really is Stirling Park with the contact request.

  • Stirling Park LLP is an actual company that is registered in Scotland under the registered key of SO300097. Their address in Glasgow is 24 Blythswood Square, Glasgow G2 4BG. They also have a Sheriff helpline number that you can call for purposes of authentication.

The third thing you should do is check whether the case of their request is binding. Two conditions make a binding debt case, and they are:

  • The debt has to be written to your name
  • The debt must not be expired for collection

The letter that you have received will usually request a total balance, including charges on top. This letter will be mass-produced from a computer system, usually when they first buy the debt.

Just Received a Letter from Stirling Park: What Should I Do?

The letter you have received can be sent back to Stirling Park for verification. If you think that it contains details about someone else’s debts or it talks about debts that you have already paid off, then you can challenge them to prove the validity of the demands stated in their letter. 

You can do this in one of two ways – shoot them an email on their website or send a letter to their Scotland address through the postal service. To write the letter, follow a specific template, and mention the reference number you were provided with.

Do NOT include your contact details in the letter, especially your phone numbers. 

If your case is enforceable, then you will receive a letter from Stirling Park mentioning and crediting the proof of their claim. 

And if you do not receive any letter back from them, consider the case to be closed. This will also mean that you won’t be harassed by Stirling Park anymore. 

What to Expect After a Stirling Park Letter?  

You will be visited by a sheriff officer. The sheriff officer will call you and knock on your door to deliver documents to you. 

This person is not a police officer, he/she is a representative of the Scottish court, so their power has been bestowed upon them by the court of Scottish law. In summary, they can just do the following:

  • Evict you
  • Pressurize you to return payment of loans that you owe
  • Deliver all necessary documents to your doorstep
  • Get inside your house in case there is a court issue with it

Sheriff officers with more clout can do more than the above. They will also have the power to break a window to enter and break the locks of your house to get inside by force.

What to Do If a Sheriff Officer Breaks In?

Sheriff officers can only break into your home if they have been permitted an Exceptional Attachment Order by the law. But they can break and enter any business, garage, etc., that are outside your home even without that permit.

Ask the Sheriff officers to show you the document that issues their entry into your premises.

If there is such a grant, there’s not much that you can do. 

But you should remember that even if the Sheriff has permission to enter your house, he/she cannot touch any of your assets/possessions without a special attachment of goods issued from the court. 

Sheriffs are known to overstate their power to the customer in order to do more than they have been granted to do. If you feel that the sheriff has overstepped his/her boundary, then by law, you can file a complaint against him/her with the Sheriff’s Principal.

They will look into the matter and prevent sheriffs from harassing you constantly. 

What Happens Next?

Now the next thing they will do is increase the number of times they call you.

When you are at this point, you need to take the services of an Independent Debt Advisor. There are many good benefits of this; doing it sooner rather than later will undoubtedly help you in the long run (and avoid any unnecessary home visits).

An Independent Debt Advisor will:

  • Look at the debts you currently have
  • Assess the assets which you own (such as houses, savings, and shares)
  • Provide you with a reference code. With this reference, you will get breathing space. Your creditors will not be able to chase you, visit your home, or call you within the specified time indicated by data packed in the reference code.

But it would be best if you tried to find a solution quickly.

How Are We Going to Help You with Stirling Park Debt Collection?

We are an IVA advisor company, and our services enable you to integrate all the debts that you owe to Stirling Park and bundle them up into a singular monthly payment that will be affordable for you. 

You will submit this ascertained sum of money every month to an IP. 

We help to bring down the monthly payment to some value that’s as low as £80. After you get your consolidated value, you have to pay that money for a fixed term of about 5 years or so. 

Once you complete paying the full term, any debt that stays in your name will be written off – this is the main significance of our company. We can bring down your total debt payment by about 60%. 

How Will Your Life Change After Taking Our Help?

Remember that panic you have not been able to keep away since Stirling Park entered your life?

We will offer the answer to that panic with debt advice and other necessary help. We are going to handle your debt worries so that you can go back to that stress-free life you knew before. 

Here’s the summary of what we are going to do: 

  • Deal with the sheriffs, local authorities, and the debt collectors so that you don’t have to 
  • Come up with ways in which you can write off a big portion of your debts 
  • Integrate all of your debts in a bundle and turn that into one monthly payment bill that’s affordable for you 
  • Show you how to freeze the interests and all other additional charges on your debt 
  • Help you to break out of the loan cycle – so that you don’t have to keep taking loans again and again

Before you seek out any debt advice, it is wise to check your total debt value. And doing this has never been easier; you can do this any time on our website! Try our online debt calculator by clicking “get started for free” now.

I Can’t Afford to Pay Stirling Park: What Are My Options Now?

Don’t panic if you can’t pay Stirling Park. Take the time to prepare yourself so that you can take steps to help yourself out of the situation. 

It is easy to get worked up when Stirling Park is chasing you. But, unfortunately, this natural response is what they rely on.

Before you submit yourself as a customer to the payment plan of a debt collector, pay heed to the debt advice below. This might help you wring free out of the grasp of Stirling Park and company. 

Debt Charities

If you have to account for less than £2000 worth of debt payments and don’t know where to turn, you may want to speak to a debt charity. 

It is also important to mention that if you approach a “charity” and opt for an IVA, the fees will remain the same as when you use the service of a private IVA company.

The following companies may be able to help you:

Debt Management

If you have over £2000 worth of debt payments, you can look at a debt management plan. Debt management plans are informal agreements set up by either yourself or a debt management company to your benefit. 

The debt management company will ask your lenders to agree to receive a lower payment and temporarily pause interest, charges, and fees. However, the debt collectors do not have to agree to this, and these deals are not always successful.


If you have over £5000 of debt, you may be eligible for an IVA solution. An IVA is a formal arrangement set up by an IVA company and managed by an Insolvency Practitioner (IP). All of your interest and charges would be frozen.

In addition, the sheriff officers would not be allowed to contact you anymore, and you would shake hands on a deal to submit an affordable monthly payment, starting at £70 per month.


If you cannot afford to make direct payments towards any of your debts, you can apply to make yourself bankrupt. You will have to pay £680 for this service.

This is a legal process that doesn’t involve a monthly repayment deal, and it will also stop the sheriff officers from contacting you any further after you have put out the notice.

Diligence and the Risk of Court Issues

This is where things get more serious.

Diligence allows the sheriff officers of Stirling Park to press legal charges against you. It will give Stirling Park free authorization to collect council tax debts from you in several ways – this includes putting you under bank arrestment and seizing your accounts.

There are four court issues via which the sheriff officers of Stirling Park can employ their diligence to extract money from you without your consent. They are – 

Earnings Arrestment

Your employer will receive a letter via the court from the sheriff officer of Stirling Park requesting to divert a portion of your monthly earnings to pay off the debt that you have to your name.

Bank Arrestment

Your bank account and credit card will get frozen so that you no longer have access to your money and assets until you pay off the debt with Stirling Park.

Under special circumstances with the court, the bank may also decide to make a payment from your account to your creditor without consulting you.

Attachment Order

With an attachment order, the Stirling Park sheriff officer and debt council will start to seize your property and assets to sell them out at an auction and extract money as payments towards your credit.


You will be legally inhibited from selling any of your assets until you repay the money that you owe to Stirling Park council in debt.

What Is an Attachment Order Outside Home?

If you do not respond to their prompts, do not forward payment to debt collector’s council, and don’t even take any steps to mitigate the situation, then the court might issue an attachment order of property outside your home. 

What this means is that the officer and debt collection team will be able to take assets that are outside your house.

To avoid getting into this trap, make sure that you remove any vehicles from the driveway to a safe place. Remove all other items of value from your backyard or your porch so that the sheriff officers don’t get the upper hand on you.

File a Complaint Against Stirling Park 

Please note that if you want to make a legal complaint about Stirling Park, you can do so by contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service or by speaking to the CSA, which is the trade association for the Debt Collection industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Stirling Park take my property?

Yes, they can, but in special cases. Sheriffs can take a percentage of your property to compensate for the debt you owe them if they receive a court order issuing an attachment of goods.

However, with this attachment of goods, they won’t be able to enter your home. They will only get access to the inside of your house if the court issues an exceptional attachment of goods to them. 

Can I write off the debt I owe to Stirling Park?

You can write off your debt to Stirling Park by using an IVA. You can write off about 50 – 60% of your debt via the IVA. 

You will be eligible to benefit from a successful IVA if you’re 18+, owe more than £5,000 to more than two creditors.

Is there any possibility that Stirling Park will forget about me if I don’t respond?

No, Stirling Park keeps a solid note on all of their debtors. They will also retain records of your response time, the total debt before and after incremental charges, and so on. 

As you prolong the delay, more money will be added to your debt than the initial debt you owed them.

What are unsecured debts?

If you have loans that are not backed up by any asset of value, then the debt you have on that loan will be called unsecured debt. If you don’t pay an unsecured debt, your lender can exercise their authority to sue you for the delay instead of seizing your assets.

What exactly is earnings arrestment?

This is a way for Stirling Park to gain control of your money directly through your place of employment. They can contact your employer and propose to take money from your wages. They have the authority to do this if you go missing on them for a long time without any contact. 

At the end of the month, with earnings arrestment, they will take a necessary cut from your wages and leave you with just enough money to pay for essentials like bills, fares, etc.

What is a bank arrestment?

You have bank arrestment when you cannot get access to your own bank account. 

This can happen if your creditor grows impatient with your repayment delays. If the creditor follows some legal arrestment procedures correctly, they can freeze your bank account and lock you out of it.

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